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We're a Buddhist centre serving the global community irrespective of age, colour or creed. We offer numerous resources and support to those interested in practicing the Dhamma.

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The Method of Meditation by Ajahn Brahm in Chinese.

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Friday, 15 January 2016 11:30

All You Need Is Kindfulness - now available in German, Vietnamese & French

Thursday, 14 January 2016 20:45

4-6 March 2016 Weekend Retreat (Jhana Grove) by Senior Sangha

Need some quiet and focused time for meditation?

Can’t afford to take time off for a 9-day retreat?

Want to learn some practical techniques to deepen your meditation practice?

Thursday, 14 January 2016 20:45

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana Weekend Retreat in Jhana Grove (19 – 21 Feb 2016)

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana (fondly known as “Bhante G”), founding abbot of the Bhavana Society, will be conducting a weekend retreat in Jhana Grove.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do retreat with this internationally renowned author and meditation teacher.

Date of retreat: 19 – 21 Feb 2016

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 13:56

Nominations for the Committee are now open!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 07:46

Ajahn Nissarano at Armadale tonight 12/1/16

How wonderful to have Ajahn Nissarano back for a brief visit. He lives in Sri Lanka now, has been a monk for 18 years but started monastic life in our monastery in Serpentine.

Tuesday, 05 January 2016 14:57

Venerable Santutthi at Armadale tonite 5 jan 216

We start at 7pm and finish at 8.35. All welcome.

Saturday, 26 December 2015 08:54

Ajahn Brahm at Cambridge - Prof Bernard Carr

I first met Ajahn Brahm (or Pete Betts as he was then) when we were students together in Cambridge 45 years ago. The story of our meeting is now well-known and even recorded in a YouTube interview with Ajahn. I was a member of the Cambridge University Buddhist Society (CUBS), recruiting new members at the Societies Fair in October 1969. He was keen to join immediately but apparently I urged restraint and suggested that he wait until after the first talk to confirm that Buddhism really was his ”cup of tea”. However, he rejected my advice and joined immediately. 

Friday, 25 December 2015 15:15

Meditation Retreat | Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

By: Buddhist Fellowship (Singapore)

Event Description: Meditation Retreat (Intermediate) with Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

9-day 8-Precept Noble Silence Retreat

Normal price: $460 per person twin sharing basis (excl transport)

Early bird price: S$430 per person twin sharing basis (excl transport) Sign up by 30 November 2015 to enjoy early bird price.

Registration closes on 31 December  2015 or when places are taken up

Transport per person (two-way coach): S$90 includes one lunch and one dinner.

Registration criteria:

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 07:19

The "seven minutes of Buddhist meditation" solution on ABC's The Drum

A panelist on ABC's The Drum program last Friday brought up the subject of Buddhist meditation. Please skip to 26:00, click here to watch.

Sunday, 08 November 2015 08:07

Message from the President

Dear Members,

BSWA can be proud to say that we have made a major breakthrough in obtaining permanent visa applications for our monks and nuns who have taken the vow of poverty and have been instrumental in the change of policy guidelines in Australia for visa applications for our Sangha.

Since 2009, BSWA and all Sangha throughout Australia, have had problems obtaining permanent visas. Unlike clergy of other mainstream religions who are paid a salary, our Sangha would never have been able to meet the minimum wage requirement because of their vow of poverty. This made it impossible for our Sangha to obtain visas under the then legislation.

This was a real problem for survival of Buddhism in Australia. I wrote to the Federal Minister to request for a meeting: -

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We are located at 18-20 Nanson Way
Nollamara 6061
Western Australia

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Tel:  +61-(0) 8 9345 1711
Fax: +61-(0) 8 9344 4220
E-mail: admin@bswa.org
PO Box 3135 Yokine WA 6060

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