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Friday, 18 November 2011 16:31

Relations with the Wat Pa Pong Sangha Worldwide

On Tuesday October 18th, I had a friendly meeting at Amaravati Monastery in the UK with Ajahn Amaro and Ajahn Munindo for over 2 hours.

Mutual friends had told me that there was goodwill towards me and the Sangha in Perth and that it was a good opportunity to move forward. In consultation with the Sangha at Bodhinyana, the Committee of the BSWA and the Ajahns in England, I wrote a letter to Ajahn Liam and Ajahn Anek proposing a forgiveness ceremony, emphasizing that this matter was causing a lot of problems not only among the western Sangha but also among the Buddhist laypeople worldwide. I also stated that neither the Sangha at Bodhinyana nor the BSWA want to be part of Wat Pah Pong. The reason, which was not mentioned in the letter, was because of Wat Pah Pong's opposition to Bhikkhuni ordination and the way some of their representatives behaved after the Perth Bhikkhuni ordination.

There was no forgiveness ceremony, but I was told by Ajahn Amaro and Ajahn Munindo that Ajahn Liam and Ajahn Anek spent long hours talking with all the senior monks of Ajahn Chah's tradition in UK, genuinely and compassionately attempting to find a solution. The outcome, according to Ajahns Amaro and Munindo, is that there is no blanket ban anymore on Wat Pah Pong monks visiting or staying at Bodhinyana Monastery in Perth, nor is there any absolute ban on Bodhinyana monks visiting or staying at any branch of Wat Pah Pong. They may stay as long as the abbot of that monastery thinks appropriate and may join in the Patimokkha, again if the Sangha at that monastery agrees.

This is all that the Sangha in Perth and the Buddhist Society of WA required from Wat Pah Pong. Now I hope to see old monastic friends visit Bodhinyana in Perth and look forward to visiting them in their monasteries.

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We are located at 18-20 Nanson Way
Nollamara 6061
Western Australia

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Tel:  +61-(0) 8 9345 1711
Fax: +61-(0) 8 9344 4220
E-mail: admin@bswa.org
PO Box 3135 Yokine WA 6060